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Truffles, also known as ‘black gold’, are a subterranean fungus in the form of a potato. They grow 30 cm below the surface, so dogs or boars are needed to find them.

Truffles grow on land at altitudes of between 700 and 1400 metres, in chalky soils with an average rainfall of between 500 and 900 mm. They frequently grow in oak and holm oaks forests, which are mainly found in the southern part of the Matarraña/Matarranya region.

Black truffle is the variety sold in this region, known scientifically as Tuber melanosporum, as well as the white or summer truffleTuber aestivum. The black truffle harvest happens between November and March, while summer truffle ripens from May to August. The aromatic pulp is of great culinary value and is sold whole, raw, laminated or even in form of pâté or marmalade. It can also be used to make aromatic truffle oil, which adds a uniquely flavoursome touch to dishes.

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