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Hermitages of ‘Santa Bárbara’ and ‘La Consolación’ (Monroyo)

Length: 13 km (round trip)

This excursion starts next to the petrol station in Monroyo, indicated as GR-8 (which leads almost as far as ‘la ermita de Santa Bárbara’) and PR. Go up a path that is paved at first, and find a three-way fork 10 mins ahead with paths to Santa Bárbara (GR-8) to the left, ‘ermita de la Consolación’ to the right, and Monroyo from behind. Turn left to Santa Bárbara.

You soon leave the GR-8 to the left and head on down along a narrow path. The hermitage is so big that it soon comes into sight. You should reach Santa Bárbara some 15 minutes later. This Baroque temple is now in ruins but has not lost its air of wonderfulness. The hermitage is located at the top of a hill with good panoramic views.

Go back to the three-way fork and take the path to the right to ‘la ermita de Nuestra Señora de La Consolación’. Follow a rocky path with forests, passing a forestry observatory on the way. Turn left at a three-way intersection (turn right to go to Monroyo in 15 minutes, below the petrol station).

You will reach ‘la ermita de la Consolación’ after 5 mins of constant descent. The temple is in good condition with structures dating from the 16th and 18th centuries. A large and catalogued elm tree is located nearby.


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