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The Matarraña/Matarranya region is made up of 18 villages and 8,805 inhabitants: Arens de LledóBeceite, CalaceiteCretasFórnolesLa FresnedaFuentespaldaLledóMazaleónMonroyo, , La PortelladaRáfalesTorre de ArcasTorre del CompteValdeltormoValderrobresand Valjunquera. Valderrobres, the largest village, is the administrative capital (2,319 inhabitants, based on the 2013 Census), while Calaceite is the cultural capital (1,119 inhabitants, based on the 2013 Census). Torre de Arcas is the least populated, with 93 registered residents in 2013.
Located on the North-East border of the province of Teruel, the region is eminently mountainous as a result of the merger between the Iberian System and the Catalan coastal ranges, although homogeneous areas can be found inside the region. The most rugged terrain is the Puertos de Beceite range, with an average height of close to 1,400 metres. This area, which encloses the Rocas del Masmut, is regarded as one of the most scenic in the region.

Rivers in the Matarraña/Matarranya region include the Matarraña, after which the area is named, the Algars, the Ulldemó and the Tastavins. All of them are irregular in nature and well conserved. Local vegetation is determined by the altitude. A significant forest mass of wild and spice Austrian pine can be found in the Puertos de Beceite, as well as yews, holm oaksmaples, hollieshazelnutand oaks. Poplars, ashes and small stone pine forests are located along the riversides, whereas olivesalmonds and vines are the main agricultural crops in the area.

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