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‘La Mançana’ fountain and ´Camiseta’ hill

Difficulty level: moderate.

Lenght: 12 km (round trip).

Height difference: 460 m


This is a gorgeous trail in the upper part of Torre de Arcas. Start by going along the path between an ancient fountain and a concrete slab construction and you will soon reach the hermitage of San Bernardo. Leave to the right and turn left after 1,000 metres to reach the N-232 road (km 89.5). Cross carefully and go into a forest area.

The vegetation becomes more abundant and changes according to the altitude. Holm oaks are plentiful, but soon change to pine forests. The path climbs slowly upwards until, 4 km away from Torre de Arcas, a PR marker indicates the path to the left to Monroyo, and to the right to ‘Cogulla’ mountain range and ‘Mançana’ fountain.

The third stretch of the trail introduces Austrian pine, which means we are above an altitude of 1,000 metres. Ascend until the fork that leads to ‘Mançana’ fountain to the left. This building, located next to a work shelter, is dominated by a huge walnut tree and the biggest pine in Monroyo municipality (2.55 metres around), called the pine of ‘Mançana’ fountain.

Go back from the fountain to the main path to take the last climb, which will require a good fitness level. The ‘Camiseta’ hill, located on the top of ‘Cogulla’ mountain range, offers a birds-eye view that makes the effort worthwhile. The emblematic hill is on the border of Matarraña (Teruel) and Els Ports (Castellón), and presents lovely panoramic views of both regions.

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