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‘San Miguel de Espinalbar’ (Valderrobres)

Difficulty level: Difficult

Length: 15 Km

Duration: 4 hours (round trip)


The starting point could be the bridge over the Pena River (or ‘riu Sec’ according to local toponymy) at the end of the Pena reservoir. You can get there by car from Beceite or Valderrobres. For further information on the reservoir, please go here. Take the path through the other side of the dam. Before going through the tunnel, leave the GR marks and turn left to follow the PR marks. Take a track that crosses the Pena River several times, where it is frequently dry.

4 km away from the bridge, the PR mark takes us to a ravine: the convergence of the Pena and Raco de Patorrat rivers (the riverbeds are often dry). The path ascends quickly through the forest on the right side of the ravine. The climb is tough and constant, but you can enjoy panoramic views and forest fragrances on both the right and left. After half an hour, crop fields and other elements of ancient agriculture come into sight.

Close to the point of arrival, you will reach a forest track. Cross it and follow the path that leads to the hermitage and country houses of ‘Miguel de Espinalva’, after the last climb. The families that lived in these country houses used to meet here long ago, to celebrate religious festivities, share produce and arrange marriages. Descend on the path on the left, passing through some areas of wild beauty, such as ‘Mas Roig’ and ‘Molino de Barrancos’.

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