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‘Mançana’ Fountain (Monroyo)

Length: 11.7 km (round trip)

The starting point of this excursion is the village of Monroyo, the highest town in the region (856 m). Walk along the country road, starting at ‘Santo Domingo’ portal and passing by some farms. The path quickly goes on to pass among kermes oaks on a cobbled road. The first stretch is a slight descent.

The slope continues and becomes more pronounced. Three kilometres on, you reach the lowest part of the trail (720 m), at an intersection of three ravines: ‘Castell’, ‘Clota’, and ‘Entre Cort’. From this point on, a constant climb of some kilometres starts, meaning a height difference of several hundred metres.

Once you have passed the ravine, you reach a medium-sized country house among poplar groves, situated in a beautiful agricultural and rural environment. Continue climbing up over clayey soil leading to a forest track.

Walking along the path, you arrive at the junction for Torre de Arcas. Take the ‘Fuente de la Mançana’ and ‘La Cogulla’ durection. After arriving at a height of 1,000 metres, a slight descent leads to the fountain, near a forest refuge. There are two outstanding elements here: a scenic walnut tree and the biggest pine in the municipality of Monroyo, it is 2.55 metres around and is known as ‘lo pi de la font de la Mançana’. From the fountain, where you can gain welcome refreshment, take the path and take the steep climb to the top of ‘sierra de la Cogulla’, the ‘Punta de la Camiseta’, the border between two provinces: Teruel and Castellón.


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